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Josie Rodriguez, visual artist, uses melted beeswax, pigment, damar (tree resin) and other natural elements to create her paintings and sculptures.


Inspired by the visceral and spontaneous character of encaustic art, Josie speaks to her relationship with nature and to the colonies of bees that she considers collaborators in her process. 

Her teaching and art practice has been informed by a quote by Degas, "It's not what you see, but what you help others see."  Encaustic artists, book artists and creative people have been inspirations to  her teaching and art practice for the past twenty years. 

“Rich, captivating, educational, unique and organic. The more one looks, the more one sees. Her use of color, texture and subtle design adds impressive depth to her encaustic work as she has established a complex dialogue between art and science."

San Diego International Airport

"Josie was amazing and so organized with all the materials that are needed to truly make the class an exceptional experience. She is a gifted painter and teacher and so down to earth in how she shares her craft."      Hui No'eau Visual Arts Center,Maui Hawaii

"I feel like I've walked into magic."

Encaustic Student, Rodriguez Studios.

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