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Artist Statement

One of my favorite quotes from French artist, Edgar Degas, “It’s not what you see but what you help others see” has informed my work and teaching. I have paid attention to the need for creativity throughout my life believing that art heals, nurtures, inspires and at times, challenges. 

My art comes from my love of materials and design, and inspired by common things, the mundane or the ordinary. I often test the boundaries of this ancient medium through experimentation and exploration. It is at those times in my studio I work intuitively as I ask, "what if?" My work has evolved over time creating unique vessels, sculptures and assemblage. I am led by curiosity where problem solving and inventing solutions is part of my creative practice. 

Art can be transformative. In the encaustic process, wax goes through several transformations from solid to soft and to solid again, by way of heat and fire. I am reminded of the creative force or fire within that we as artists often experience when we work.


I have come to appreciate and honor the work of the honeybee, acknowledging that even the shape of the hexagon within the honeycomb is known for its structural properties of strength, efficiency, organization, and communication, qualities I value. 



With a background in teaching and pastoral care and counseling within hospital settings, Josie Rodriguez embraced creativity through visual arts and writing, not only for herself but for those patients and families she cared for. Once retired Josie’s art practice began in earnest and each year has brought growth and richness to her art. Attention and presence are important as one cares for another at the bedside. Josie  believes that these qualities are just as important when she teaches. 


Many of her encaustic paintings and sculptures incorporate the written word and oftentimes Josie’s own poetry. She has had both solo and group shows throughout the United States.  A popular instructor , Josie has taught encaustic workshops for almost 20 years from her home studio in California, and Oregon. “Teaching is a joy,” Josie says. “ I love seeing the creative process blossom in each of my students.” 


San Diego State University, B.A 1965

University of San Diego, M.A. 1987

Professional organizations include:

International Encaustic Art Association. 

Encaustic Art Institute, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

San DiegoMuseum of Art Artist Guild.

San Diego Book Arts.

San Diego Book Awards Judge 2021.

Commissions and purchases from around the country. 

Josie was represented by Front Porch Gallery in Carlsbad, CA.


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